Wood charcoal: Recipes Making Coffee Coffee Jos or Charcoal

Wood charcoal: Recipes Making Coffee Coffee Jos or Charcoal



Maybe some coffee lovers have heard and familiar with typical JOS jogjakarta COFFEE, coffee served with a unique use of materials coffee powder and charcoal heat very well known in the coffee world, especially in Indonesia, and incidentally the admin had stopped in Jogja for tasting coffee this Jos. . the first impression admin just feel weird when viewing directly the unusual presentation of this, just imagine when brewed coffee powder in hot water and then in the input hunk of red hot coals into a glass that has been prepared with his coffee, hemm saking admin curiosity asked one of the owners of the famous place in jl.malioboro.

Admin mas it must charcoal charcoal whether special? Angkringan owner repliedhe mas special meaning it must charcoal clean and only single-use only still curious with a distinctive aroma (such as the cooking water in the fuel) finally admin directly nyruput Coffee Jos that has served it (though still ngebul tuh glasses xixix) and was indeed a sense that produced coffee + hot charcoal was this very unique and special (pantes just in jogja any special menu angkringan yes coffee Jos).

After some time talking casually while enjoying coffee Jos, admin thinking seems Gayo coffee if presented in a way Joss coffee aroma and taste seem to be unique for the curious ya .. following ways and recipes to make coffee or coffee joss charcoal.

Materials are in need:
1. The coffee powder (admin using Gayo Arabica coffee)
2. Hot Water
3. Sugar
4. Charcoal Net (in burn up red)

How to eat Coffee Jos:
1. Brewed coffee powder and sugar (depending on taste) with boiling hot water into a glass
2. Put the hot coals into the cup is at the ready pint no.1
3. Joss Coffee / Coffee Charcoal prepared in typical Jogjakarta serve

Easily the coffee lovers … anyone wants to try it ?? yuk directly in practice.
oia do not forget to coffee powder coffee lovers can order it on this website, there are wild civet coffee arabica Gayo, peaberry, Longberry and specialty arabica: D and for coffee lovers who often backpackeran or ngebolang and stopped in Jogjakarta .. do not forget jajal sruput Coffee Josnya yes ..

Regards Sruput JossWow

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