use of Charcoal

use of Charcoal


In ancient times Charcoal is used as a substitute for gunpowder. What is the gunpowder? Powder or black powder explosives are made from a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate, which burn very fast and driving materials on firearms and fireworks.

Coking, commonly used to burn food outdoors and on camping trips. The use of charcoal for cooking food in the room has a dangerous risk to health, because of the carbon monoxide produced.

Charcoal can also be used as a motor vehicle fuel. Charcoal or wood is burned in a wood gas generator is used to drive the cars and buses. In France during World War II, the production of wood and charcoal for motor vehicles increased from 50,000 tons before the war to 500,000 tons in 1943.

In the field of visual arts are also often used for charcoal pencil or crayon. The media used for sketching in large or medium size requires a strong sketch lines, such as canvas. As a medium of art, charcoal is sold in the form of bars. Because it is soft, light, dark, and at the same time break easily, charcoal is favored because the painter in sketching sketches produced very clear, even in the process of painting though.

Whiten teeth with charcoal

We may have used charcoal for cooking purposes, both when at home or when the tent. But, what if we use charcoal to whiten teeth? It is so opposite, using something black to produce something that is white.

When surfing in Dumay, I myself was also confused, as many find dental health articles that recommend charcoal (without explanatory of any type) as a means of whitening teeth. Is the method with a scientific background or just said Person A, B Si, Si C to Si Z said I also do not know.

It’s just a selected + questions in the liver (admin). Could it be the intention of charcoal on top of ashes from the materials used to bersirih / chewing (betel, areca nut, gambier, and lime) or from other materials that are trusted and researched, Siwak for example?

Hmmm, how Sob? After reading some of the description above is my friend has another view (scientific reasons) that might be able to provide solutions not only on the admin, but also to other readers

Is there Toothpaste from Charcoal?

Before I post on this theme, I‘ve never berpikirang about their toothpaste with charcoal base material. But, after a few days curious because often find articles / posts about whiten teeth with charcoal. Finally I tried to search on google with the keyword Charcoal Toothpaste“, and what the results sob? turns out loads of products toothpaste with charcoal base material, particularly from Japan and China.

Well, maybe it was a bit of a solution of the admin. But, before do not forget to always consult on a regular dentist buddy believe, when it will use this toothpaste or when my friend will apply methods of whitening and dental care with the use of charcoal.


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