Tips to whiten teeth with charcoal

Tips to whiten teeth with charcoal


Tips to whiten teeth with charcoal


BRIEF Ulasang Charcoal

In KBBI, charcoal defined:

color black fuel made from coal or wood occur and so that dipengap;
former black powder burning wood and so on;

In the Indonesian Wikipedia says: Charcoal is a black residue containing impure carbon produced by removing water content and volatile components of animal or plant. Charcoal is generally obtained by heating wood, sugar, bone, and other objects. Charcoal black, light, crumbly, and resemble coal consists of 85% to 98% carbon, the rest is gray or other chemical objects.

Types of Charcoal

If we look back at KBBI, there is also mentioned on the types of charcoal, namely:

coconut shell charcoal
1. coal
2.  wood charcoal
3.  charcoal fat
4. charcoal the
5 charcoal pot

While the Indonesian Wikipedia mentioned types of charcoal there are 7 kinds, namely:

1.  wood charcoal
2.  Sawdust charcoal
3.  Rice husk
4. Coconut shell charcoal
5. charcoal litter
6. charcoal briquettes
7. Charcoal rind mahogany

But, in line with the times berkembanganya not rule out the possibility of the emergence of new types of charcoal.

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