How to grilling with charcoal is the most effective

How to grilling with charcoal is the most effective




Surely most of us ever hold / attend a party (event) with a BBQ menu to add a festive atmosphere. But not many of us who know a good way to use a charcoal grill in order to produce good and avoid a hazard, a result of the fire grill.

In the opinion of Drs. Mochamad ZAINURI, M.Sc., lecturer of Physics, Faculty of Science (Mathematics and Natural Sciences) ITS (Institute Ten November Surabaya):
In physical terms, the actual charcoal has many cavities (porous) than ordinary wood. Cavity the cavity is sized micro can only be seen with a microscope. So if doused kerosene burning the cavity can lead to fire. The more charcoal and kerosene were poured, the greater the blaze that occurred. Usually occurs with a bang, because of changes in air pressure that arrived arrived.
In order not to trigger burned charcoal fire, Moh. ZAINURI have any tips. Use a bit of kerosene at the beginning of the burning charcoal. When the coals are already starting to look, we can use a fan to flatten the coals. Because the nature of charcoal easily dissipates heat and stuff. “Said ZAINURI.
Once coal shrank, simply add charcoal piecemeal, not add more kerosene.

Fahriansyah, Executive Sous Chef Hotel Majapahit Surabaya, also has some tips for safe during baking.

The first at the time of preparation of lit charcoal. Select two or three grains of charcoal to be used. Turn on the stove and then move to the prepared grill. Put the charcoal that has been lit at the very bottom. After that stacks with other charcoal, and start leveling fanning the embers in a way.

It takes patience if not sooner embers evenly. It’s okay to use kerosene but should gradually to avoid the flames. If the fan may be manually or fan. Adjust as needed. If many, may as well use the fan, “said Fahriansyah.

When the coals are already lit evenly, satay prepared baked without seasoning until half matang.Setelah was grilled again with herbs that have been provided. But it should still be careful because sometimes seasoning also cause enlarged fire. Therefore adjust the distance between charcoal and burnt flesh. Do not let the meat attached to the charcoal.

At the time of baking should pay attention to the wind direction. Try not to fight a fresh wind to avoid fumes, heat, flame or spark charcoal. Safe position when grilling is standing with palms with grill distance of about 30 cm. If there is something we can escape quickly.


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