How to Clearing Dirty Water Without Chemical Substances

How to Clearing Dirty Water Without Chemical Substances



How to Clearing Dirty Water Without Chemical Substances

Dirty flood water can cause a number of diseases. However, due to lack of clean water supply some residents were forced to wash and bathe using the flood water. Is there a way to purify dirty water?

According to Green Car Tutor Solidarity United Indonesia Cabinet Wives (SIKIB), Findryaningsih Fiona, it actually is no simple way that can be used to purify water without chemicals. This dirty water purification can be done by filtered.

Here’s a simple way to clear the water, as disclosed Findry and quoted from

Media Filters:

1. Sand
According Findry, sand can be used to filter the water is 0.2 to 0.8 mm in size. Sand is used to filter padatab. Replace the sand if water filter is no longer clear.

2. coconut shell charcoal
Charcoal that can be used to filter water is the size of the diameter of 0.1 mm or powder form. This charcoal can reduce the color and odor. Replace the charcoal, if the water filter is no longer clear.

3. Other Filters
Gravel, fibers, and stones can also be used as water purifiers. While lime, alum, and akporit (coagulant coagulant) will help agglomerate chemical pollutants into the sediment.

Making water filter media:
Prepare three water storage container (container-2 form a tube). Put gravel (which already cleared) in the first container has a hole in the middle.

Enter a stone to the bottom of the 2nd, add gravel, coconut shell charcoal, fine sand, fibers, fine sand, and added fibers again, stacking of each other. Previously, perforated container underneath. (The thickness of each layer is adjusted to the filter container).

3rd container used to store the filtered water.

That’s the easy way to purify dirty water from the filter media realm. Do not forget to clean or replace the filter media if filtered water is no longer clear. Hopefully useful!


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